Primrose Hill Snowdrops

I paid a short trip to Primrose Hill in Lucan recently to see their early spring garden complete with snowdrops! Lots of photo opportunities although the light wasn’t great. I will have to visit again during February as more and more of the snowdrops come into season. My favourites on this visit were the bright yellow Galanthus lutescens. I was particularly taken by all the Galanthus and Cyclamen seedlings which were everywhere! Very natural looking as a result!

Primrose Hill is open each day during February from 2pm to dusk.

primrose hill 9.jpgprimrose hill 8.jpgprimrose hill 2.jpgprimrose hill 3.jpgprimrose hill 4.jpgprimrose hill 5.jpgprimrose hill 6.jpgprimrose hill 7.jpgprimrose hill 1.jpg


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