Late spring at Hunting Brook Gardens, Wicklow!

I paid a visit to Hunting Brook Gardens recently to catch the last of the late spring flowers. There were some rare and unusual plants on show! My favourites were the Podophyllum which were looking superb in the dappled woodland lighting

podophyllum hexandrum 1.jpgpodophyllum hexandrum 2.jpgpodophyllum.jpgbuddha.jpgepimedium domaine de saint jean de beauregard 2.jpgepimedium domaine de saint jean de beauregard.jpgepimedium wildside amber.jpgepimedium william stearn.jpgglaucidium palmatum alba 2.jpgglaucidium palmatum alba.jpgmaianthemum fuscum 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 2.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 3.jpgnomocharis pardanthina 1.jpgoxalis.jpg_DSC2438.jpgpodophyllum 2.jpgasplenium crispum.jpgathyrium otophorum.jpgpolygonatum falcatum silver stripe.jpgpolygonatum lasianthum.jpgprimula 1.jpgPrimula Millers Crimson 1.jpgskyward 1.jpgSyneilesis aff tagawae.jpg


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