Best of 2016

Some of my favourite images from 2016! I’ve been busy concentrating on floral images this year but will be aiming to capture more landscapes in 2017. Hope you all have a great year!

_DSC0280.jpg_DSC0312.jpg_DSC0314.jpg_DSC0563.jpg_DSC1815.jpg_DSC2162.jpg_DSC2614.jpg_DSC2864.jpg_DSC2916.jpg_DSC3171.jpg_DSC3332.jpg_DSC3679.jpg_DSC5628.jpg_DSC6457.jpg_DSC6533.jpg_DSC7028.jpg_DSC7052.jpg_DSC7070.jpg_DSC7270.jpg_DSC7372.jpg_DSC7431.jpgAltamont 1.jpgbirr castle 12.jpgcardiocrium forest 2.jpgcardiocrium forest.jpgConvallaria majalis Albostriata 1.jpgcypripedium ulla silkens 2.jpggalanthus D1.jpgGalanthus Lavinia 4.jpgilnacullin.jpgKushi Maya.jpgLBS2.jpglilium mackliniae 2.jpglilium martagon nepeta six hills giant 6.jpgMount Congreve 1.jpgmount usher gardens 20.jpgmount usher gardens 24.jpgmount usher gardens 31.jpgOrnamental garden Irrigation Channel Generalife 5.jpgPoulnabrone 1.jpgPoulnabrone 2.jpgprimula 1.jpgSenecio cristobalensis 4.jpgthe dillon garden 18.jpgvar flavum 1.jpg


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