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Best of 2017

Some of my favourite images from 2017! It’s been another busy year spent photographing gardens throughout Ireland. Highlights this year include images from The Bay Garden, Hunting Brook gardens, June Blake’s garden, Patthana garden, Carmel Duignan’s garden and the National Botanic Gardens, Kilmacurragh. Hope you all have a great year!


Hunting Brook Gardens, WicklowHunting Brook Gardens, WicklowJune Blake's Garden, WicklowThe Bay Garden, WexfordNational Botanic Gardens, KilmacurraghHunting Brook Gardens, WicklowHunting Brook Gardens, WicklowJune Blake's Garden, WicklowJune Blake's Garden, WicklowPatthana garden, WicklowCarmel Duignan's garden, DublinCarmel Duignan's garden, DublinCarmel Duignan's garden, DublinPatthana garden, WicklowThe Bay Garden, Wexford




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Best of 2016

Some of my favourite images from 2016! I’ve been busy concentrating on floral images this year but will be aiming to capture more landscapes in 2017. Hope you all have a great year!

_DSC0280.jpg_DSC0312.jpg_DSC0314.jpg_DSC0563.jpg_DSC1815.jpg_DSC2162.jpg_DSC2614.jpg_DSC2864.jpg_DSC2916.jpg_DSC3171.jpg_DSC3332.jpg_DSC3679.jpg_DSC5628.jpg_DSC6457.jpg_DSC6533.jpg_DSC7028.jpg_DSC7052.jpg_DSC7070.jpg_DSC7270.jpg_DSC7372.jpg_DSC7431.jpgAltamont 1.jpgbirr castle 12.jpgcardiocrium forest 2.jpgcardiocrium forest.jpgConvallaria majalis Albostriata 1.jpgcypripedium ulla silkens 2.jpggalanthus D1.jpgGalanthus Lavinia 4.jpgilnacullin.jpgKushi Maya.jpgLBS2.jpglilium mackliniae 2.jpglilium martagon nepeta six hills giant 6.jpgMount Congreve 1.jpgmount usher gardens 20.jpgmount usher gardens 24.jpgmount usher gardens 31.jpgOrnamental garden Irrigation Channel Generalife 5.jpgPoulnabrone 1.jpgPoulnabrone 2.jpgprimula 1.jpgSenecio cristobalensis 4.jpgthe dillon garden 18.jpgvar flavum 1.jpg


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Best of 2015!


It’s been a busy and productive year, though frustrating in many ways thanks to the weather! Most of this years images were taken on a small number of outings when the weather played ball. As usual there were many “lost” opportunities where wind and rain played havoc! Here’s a selection of my favourites from 2015! Hopefully the weather will play ball in 2016! Many thanks to Jimi Blake at Hunting Brook Gardens for allowing me access over the year – I took a great number of images which I’m still working through!

Sunrise at Hunting Brook GardensKilmokea gardensSwing through the meadowSunrise at Hunting Brook GardensSlippery slopeMarmalade flyLilium martagon Mrs R.O. BackhouseAstrantia Bo AnnAnemonopsis macrophyllaNarcissus thaliaSunrise at Hunting Brook GardensLast light at Hunting Brook June Blake's dreamscapeProud as a peacockLast light at Hunting Brook Anemone anisodoraGalanthus Cordelia Sunrise at Hunting Brook GardensDicentra 'valentine'Erythronium revolutum 'Waverley Form' Galanthus hippolyta Trillium camtschatcenseComets at June BlakesAngela Jupe's gardenLilium martagon albaLilium martagon Mrs R.O. Backhouse Pulsatilla grandis alba Ranunculus cortusifolius Rathbawn gardensGalanthus hippolyta Thalictrum delavayi v mucronatum






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Late spring at The Bay Garden, Camolin

I spent a lovely afternoon at The Bay Garden outside Camolin yesterday. There were some great late spring flower and foliage combinations on show! The woodland garden was superb! Thanks to Frances for her hospitality!

the bay garden 2.jpgdryopteris and epimedium 1.jpgaquilegia and beech 1.jpgaquilegia and rodgersia 1.jpgaquilegia thalictrum hesperis 1.jpgarisaema 1.jpgarisaema 2.jpgarisaema 3.jpgbluebell brunnera 1.jpgbrunnera 1.jpgaliium hesperis 1.jpgchaerophyllum digitalis persicaria 1.jpgepimedium 1.jpgeuphorbia allium 2.jpgHosta and aquiligifolium 1.jpgmaianthemum racemosum rhododendron luteum 1.jpgmeconopsis 1.jpgnepeta digitalis 1.jpgprimula 1.jpgprimula 2.jpgprimula and meconopsis 1.jpgprimula and meconopsis 2.jpgpulmonaria and acer.jpgrhododendron luteum hosta epimedium 1.jpgThalictrum aquilegifolium Purpureum aquilegia 1.jpgThalictrum aquilegifolium Purpureum.jpgacer and dryopteris.jpgthe bay garden 1.jpgthe bay garden 3.jpgthe bay garden 4.jpgthe bay garden 5.jpgthe bay garden 6.jpgthe bay garden 7.jpgthe bay garden 8.jpgtiarella rhododendron 1.jpgwoodland 1.jpgwoodland 2.jpg


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Late spring at Hunting Brook Gardens, Wicklow!

I paid a visit to Hunting Brook Gardens recently to catch the last of the late spring flowers. There were some rare and unusual plants on show! My favourites were the Podophyllum which were looking superb in the dappled woodland lighting

podophyllum hexandrum 1.jpgpodophyllum hexandrum 2.jpgpodophyllum.jpgbuddha.jpgepimedium domaine de saint jean de beauregard 2.jpgepimedium domaine de saint jean de beauregard.jpgepimedium wildside amber.jpgepimedium william stearn.jpgglaucidium palmatum alba 2.jpgglaucidium palmatum alba.jpgmaianthemum fuscum 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 1.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 2.jpgmeconopsis betonicifolia ehphorbia fireglow 3.jpgnomocharis pardanthina 1.jpgoxalis.jpg_DSC2438.jpgpodophyllum 2.jpgasplenium crispum.jpgathyrium otophorum.jpgpolygonatum falcatum silver stripe.jpgpolygonatum lasianthum.jpgprimula 1.jpgPrimula Millers Crimson 1.jpgskyward 1.jpgSyneilesis aff tagawae.jpg


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Primrose Hill Snowdrops

I paid a short trip to Primrose Hill in Lucan recently to see their early spring garden complete with snowdrops! Lots of photo opportunities although the light wasn’t great. I will have to visit again during February as more and more of the snowdrops come into season. My favourites on this visit were the bright yellow Galanthus lutescens. I was particularly taken by all the Galanthus and Cyclamen seedlings which were everywhere! Very natural looking as a result!

Primrose Hill is open each day during February from 2pm to dusk.

primrose hill 9.jpgprimrose hill 8.jpgprimrose hill 2.jpgprimrose hill 3.jpgprimrose hill 4.jpgprimrose hill 5.jpgprimrose hill 6.jpgprimrose hill 7.jpgprimrose hill 1.jpg


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